Our Top Tips For Your Holiday Pics!

  • By Michael Harrison
  • 20 Jul, 2011

Okay, so you have your holiday booked… Hurray!!!

Your well on your way with organising your money, toiletries and packing.  Don’t forget your camera so you can get some great images to remember your trip by.

We know your not David Bailey and you may not have access to state of the art equipment, but at MC Photo, we also know this doesn’t mean you cant capture your magic memories with your handy compact!

Read on if you want to learn how to make the most   of any photo opportunity!

Top Tip No.1 - Always Fill The Frame

Use interesting backgrounds, position your subject facing into the centre of your picture (& use flash, see top tip no 4)

Top Tip No.2 - Level Out Your Landscapes

Get your horizon level

Top Tip No.3 – Use your ‘macro mode’  or   MACRO

Top Tip No.4 - Use flash

…To fill in to foreground

You want to see the foreground of your image as well as the background! Use your flash to fill in foreground to even out exposures behind on your subject matter.

Top Tip No.5 - Be aware of your focusing point

Be in control even when using Autofocus & ensure you are focusing on your subject not the background, Autofocus adjusts the lens so that the central part of the image in the viewing screen is sharp. These symbols indicate the points that the camera will focus on in the camera menus:     or   etc.

Point your camera on the subject you want to be sharp, half press the shutter release button to focus, once focused. keep your finger on the half pressed button and reposition in your frame to the  centre or the side of the picture.  When your camera is focused most will beep or indicate this with a rectangle on the LCD Screen on the back.

Below you can see a classic example where the focus is wrongly on the background.

Be aware of what you are focused on when using autofocus

Top Tip No.6 - Camera Shake, don't ruin a great shot

Night mode setting can sometimes help and also using a mini tripod or a sturdy surface such as a wall or building.  Be patient and take your time with each shot, although we are aware that after a few vino’s a steady hand may not be available

Top Tip No.7 - Learn how to use exposure

Exposure means the brightness of your picture!

When using the automatic setting on your camera, it will generate the auto exposure from the centre of the shot, if this pointed at something bright such as sky, sea and sand, this will expose for the brightest part of the picture, making everything else dark (under exposed).  To overcome this you need to perform a similar method to tip 5 (focusing) and half press the button while pointing the centre of the camera to the point that is between the brightest and darkest areas in your picture (mid tone), keep the button pressed and reframe, take your picture.

Many modern compacts now have a variety of settings – ‘P’ (Programme) AUTO or ‘M’ (Manual), opt for manual and get the best out of your images.

Top Tip No.8 - Learn how to use lens flare to your advantage

Frame your shot using flare

Top Tip No.9 - Photographing through glass

Turn your flash off     & learn to minimise reflections by changing the angle of your camera to the glass and avoid being close to strong surrounding light that could cause reflection.
Be careful of reflection & using flash

Top Tip No.10 - Crop landscapes into panoramic format

Use framing effectively and cut out anything that is of no interest, most compacts usually have a panoramic setting saving you time later on the computer.
Use Panoramic mode to cut out any unwanted parts of your picture

Thanks for reading our top tips, we hope you have a great summer break, feel free to send us your pics or ask us for more tips on your photos!

By Graeme Buckley 28 Feb, 2017

Yet again we’ve reached the drab and dreary month of January, and we’re all still a little hungover from the rich foods of Christmas, and richer drinks of New Year’s Eve.

That been said, we’re now well into January, with 2016 not to far in the distant memory.

We had a great 2016 here at MC Photography (so much we didn’t even have the times to write these blogs!)

It has been a pleasure to continue to work with our long standing clients, Smiffys, Record Power & Irwin to mention a few. And equally as such, a delight to be part of new projects with companies like Duro, Evoluted, Quicktrack and IC Innovations.

To thank everyone we have worked with over the past 12 months would take much longer than this short blog would allow, so below weve put together a grouping of some our favourite shots, from some of our favourite shoots.

* Unfortunately due to liscening, we cant post recent Smiffy’s shots, but theres an old one in there to fill the gap regardless.

Again, to mention all the wonderful people we worked with in 2016 would not be the most fun to read, but we would like to extend all of our thanks to our delightful, returning and new clients. We cant wait to work with you all again in 2017.

Happy New Year everyone, we wish you all a prosperous 2017!

By Graeme Buckley 03 Jun, 2016

In May, 2015 MC Photography started some work for brand new client Progressive Safety Footwear and Clothing LTD. We took a short drive and attempted to show case their brand new JCB Keele shorts.

Progressive Safety Footwear and Clothing Limited   is a well known company supplying safety footwear, protective workwear, PPE, business wear and workplace safety products to all market segments across the UK and Ireland and provide a complete in-stock service for all your health and safety requirements.

By Michael Harrison 26 Apr, 2016
The GMF is “a celebration of manufacturing with a lively and engaging panel debate and an opportunity to network with others in the industry.” Mark got his suit on and headed to Ponds Forge to capture what would be a fantastic evening.

Guests were invited to attend the dinner form 5:30pm to enjoy the England football match. With the main dinner commencing at 6:45pm. Mark was there from the very start to ensuring photographs at every opportunity.

After the dinner, guests were treated to guest speakers such as,  Alan Foster from McLaren automotive, Trevor Williams of Lloyds Bank, and The Right Honourable Doctor Vince Cable MP.
By Graeme Buckley 01 Apr, 2016
This month we have been inspired by a job which we did all the way back ­in 2014, at Sheffields own,   Pryor Marking Technology.
By Graeme Buckley 26 Aug, 2014

Collette has been with MC Photography for almost 9 years, from what started out as a small job whilst studying Photography at college, into a full time studio manager, becoming a valued member of the MC Photography team who will be missed.

Collette, who runs her own wedding & fitness photography business Picture Perfect Photography recently had her own wedding on the top of the Rockofellar Centre in New York!

Our apprentice   Max, will be taking over Collettes roll within the company.

By Graeme Buckley 28 Apr, 2014

At the beginning of March mcphotography’s Mark and new apprentice Max took the trip to manufacturers, Sheffield Precision Medical,  who specialise in creating precise surgical tools. We depicted their process of making the tools.

Sheffield Precision Medical   really set the standard in designing and manufacturing surgical tools, using the most advanced CNC machines, they really do create flawless pieces. Mcphotography were commissioned to leave their Sheffield studio and to go and take some professional photographs of the process that they go through to reach a final product for use in brochures, on their website & flyers etc.

By Michael Harrison 24 Apr, 2014

Mixing the old with the contemporary and using bright colours and prints, Sophie has created an ultra modern and comfortable interior and exterior design. We created architectural images and house photography as a record of her hard work for use in PR, magazines and her own website, www.sophiepeckettdesign.com . We feel that the use of photography in business is always helpful to allow prospective clients to visualise what it is you have to offer them.

By Michael Harrison 23 Apr, 2014
At the beginning of April, Mark and Collette were on location and took a trip down to Northampton to photograph the brand new Spar store opening on their opening day!
By Michael Harrison 12 Mar, 2014

The two have come together with thanks to  Max apprenticeship provider Voca Voca  whom provided Max with an interview with managing director and photographer Mark Crapper from there Max  gained a successful trial day from this Max  was offered his full time apprenticeship  at  MC Photography.

mcphotography “ are specialists in all types of commercial photographic work, creating high quality imagery that will bring your business to life. From a dedicated 1,100 square-foot studio in Sheffield, MC Photography covers all types of corporate, event, industrial and architectural shots for advertising & PR purposes. “

This however isn’t Max’s first apprenticeship, prior to this, he completed a retail apprenticeship at family printing firm,  A.Pinder LTD which will stand him in good sted for his graphic design apprenticship and apprentice photographic assistant role.

By Michael Harrison 04 Mar, 2014

Our client. The Furniture Co asked us to shoot a short commercial video to show how their new motor powered solid wood plasma tv cabinet operated.

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